Serpent's Skull

Assault on the Sanctum

Day 45 of expedition and 16th day into the Darklands city of Ilmurea.

The party enters the Sanctum of Ydersius to stop Vyr-Azul.


The party leaves the guard room and finds that the main hallway is filled with a huge Serpentstone Golem, 2 Siege Serpents, 4 guards and Khorak (a Troglodyte warrior), waiting for them. The party engages them and after a brief struggle most of them are killed, until the door at the end of the hall opens and they see Nazith-Yol and Nylla-Jas with their Marilith Demon allies. The 2 Elder mages quickly start using their spells to attempt to control the battlefield. Dar is sent to an extradimensional labyrinth via the Maze spell for the remainder of the battle, but even with her out of the fight, the rest are able to handle them without to much problem.

The group starts heading back down the other hallway and finds The Emperor of Scales and 3 Iron Golems waiting. This battle proves to be no real challenge for the group and they decide to back up and explore this section of the Sanctum. Most of the rooms prove fairly mundane with the exception of a library that has a permanent levitation effect for anyone that wills it. They find some really nice books as well as spellbooks that hold every Wizard/Sorcerer spell from the core book as well as the Advanced Players Guide.

They also find that the library has a Teleport circle that leads to 3 hidden hibernation chambers that contain 3 dead Serpentfolk high priests. They appear to have been killed by Vyr-Azul. The party has a huge pile of loot at this point and is having thoughts of heading back to the surface to trade in, one last time.

Assault on the Sanctum

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