Serpent's Skull

Defeat of Ydersius

Day 46 of expedition and 17th day into the Darklands city of Ilmurea.


The party heads back to the surface to sell some more loot and prepare for the final push to the Sanctum. They come back and proceed thru the rest of the Sanctum and find a Hollow Serpent guarding a hallway on the way to the final encounter.

They quickly dispatch the Hollow Serpent and continue on. They come into the Sanctum and find Vyr-Azul waiting for them with Khestath and Raviaza. Raviaza had summoned 3 Hezrou Demons to help guard Vyr-Azul. Vyr-Azul had also cast Elemental Swarm while waiting and had them in waiting below ground. The party charges into the chamber and the party quickly goes thru the Hezrou Demons and Raviaza. The Elementals prove no challenge for the party.

Kady uses Gate to summon a Solar and has it go up and try hitting Vyr-Azul. Mainly to overcome Vyr-Azul’s Antilife Shell. The fight is going along well and then Kady casts Mage’s Disjunction which removes all Vyr-Azul’s buffs as well as the ones on Khestath. They both quickly fall to the party after that.

5 rounds later, the Avatar of Ydersius raises up out of the chasm and engages the party. The party is able to knock the Avatar down but they see that it is quickly regenerating. They quickly decide to try to remove his head after knocking him down again.

They remove the Head of Ydersius and the body plummets back into the chasm and the skull is left resting on the ground. They pack the Skull into a portable hole and take it with them, but not before finding out that now matter how it is carried the bearer loses 3 negative levels if they are good.

They loot the bodies and head out of the Sanctum to find that the rest of the Serpentfolk are routed with the death of their god again and are quickly being rounded up and dispatched by the army they brought with them to Ilumrea.

Thus concludes the adventures of the Serpent Skull.

Defeat of Ydersius


After the adventures leave Ilmurea with the Skull of Ydersius, they decide to start trying to figure out how to permanently deal with the threat the Skull represents. Kady decides to Commune with her Deity, Pharasma and after much questioning and other research they discover how to permanently put Ydersius to rest.

They return to Ilmurea and toss the head back down into the chasm, rejoining Ydersius’s body with his head. After deafeating the Serpentfolk that teleport into the chamber to try to help their Deity come back to the surface and re-dispatching Ydersius, they bring Ydersius to Pharasma’s Boneyard. Before the throne of Pharasma, the party is able to slay Ydersius, but not without a fight. Pharasma judges Ydersius in her realm and the body and skull of Ydersius disintegrate into dust, thus removing the threat of Ydersius returning again.

Defeat of Ydersius

Can Dar have dealt a final crushing blow to his skull? It would really promote her clan name!

Defeat of Ydersius

Dar could hold to take a swing at it just as Pharasma judges Ydersius. Your sword would hit the skull and it would shatter into pieces which would all disintegrate with the rest of the body.

Defeat of Ydersius

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