Serpent's Skull

Illmurea, Day 6-7

Day 35-36 of expedition and 6th-7th day into the Darklands city of Ilmurea.

The party enters the Hunter’s Maze and finds the ‘Weapon’.


After the fight with the Urdefhan Skirmishers, the party gets ready to head into the Hunter’s Maze only to find that more Urdefhan are lying in wait and open fire on them. The party moves to engage the Urdefhan firing at them from across the aqueduct, only to find that the aqueduct isn’t empty. A huge Proto-shoggoth emerges from the putrid water to attack Dar and Grom as they try to fly over to the archers. At the same time, the Urdefhan manning the blockades at the top of the ramps come out with their Meladaemon Sorcerer help.

After a long fight, the party is able to defeat the Proto-shoggoth, the 2 Meladaemon’s (one of which teleported away only to return a few rounds later) and the Urdefhan. They proceeded up to the top of the ramps and found the Morlocks being held in a cage. After disabling the Symbol of Persuasion on the gate, they free the Morlocks and decide to take them back to Udarra.

They rest up and head back to the Hunter’s Maze. They loot the amethyst’s out of the statue’s eyes and deface the statues a little before heading into the maze. They learn what the maze was for when the Serpentfolk used to use this (a hunting ground for slaves) and encounter more of the Urdefhan and Meladaemon’s in the first of the chambers they come to. They quickly dispatch this group and move on into the maze. Deciding to take the right passages for now they quickly end up in a room with a Cyclops warrior and a human female locked in a Temporal Stasis field. Not knowing what to expect, the party disengages the Temporal Stasis and watch as the human female (who was impaled on the cyclops greatsword) slides to the ground and the cyclops turns on them and starts calling them snakes.

They are able to calm the cyclops down and discover that it is General Aveshai, one of Savith’s companions on her quest to kill Ydersius all those years ago. He trailed the Coil of Ydersius to this room and got locked away in the Temporal Stasis and missed the battle between Savith and Ydersius. They bring him up to date, at least for the major things, and he agrees to accompany them on their quest to stop Ydersius from rising again. He also informs them, that the “Spear” in Savith-Yhi are more than just devices to help the city. They are a way of opening a passage from the surface to Illmura to lead an army down to the city, if the Serpentfolk came back (which they have). He is anxious to view the city and see Savith’s crypt but is also kind of quiet as he is still processing the time that he has missed.

Dar performs her daily ‘Commune’ to see if Aveshai is the ‘weapon’ that they were looking for and discovers that he is that weapon. They also discover that the secret of making the Coils of Ydersius haven’t been lost and there may be some on the surface with their faction. They decide to make plans to head to the surface to take General Aveshai there.

Illmurea, Day 6-7

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