A rickety construction of glass tubing, metal, and wood convey the brain and two eyes afloat in this figure’s glass skull.


This golem is a walking alchemical nightmare, capable of inflicting all manner of painful wounds on its foes. Its ability to follow orders is granted by the otherwise mindless humanoid brain that floats in its dome-like head, while its animating force is a curious combination of alchemy and elemental spirits bound into the fluids and metals of its body.


The alchemical golems are legacies of the exiled intellect devourer M’deggog. Before it was banished, M’deggog used its alchemical skill and esoteric knowledge to create these golems. Rather than consuming the brains of victims, M’deggog extracted the brains and implanted them in mechanical bodies. This process allowed one victim to provide two services—the body could serve as a host vessel for an intellect devourer, while the brain could power a construct. Like M’deggog’s experiments in remotely controlling host vessels, however, this pseudoscientific magic was considered too unorthodox for the other intellect devourers, who exiled M’deggog from Ilmurea. Despite their heretical origin, Uthothot has decided to use the golems for the obvious advantages they have over the intellect devourers’ morlock hosts.

Alchemical golem


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