Feral woman with Deinonychus animal companion named Jaji


The paleskinned daughter of the former mine owner, she remains the sole survivor of the tragedy that occurred at the Fzumi mine. Athyra was just a child when undead horrors from beneath the earth boiled out of the mine and slew everyone at the camp except young Athyra, who managed to escape into the surrounding hills. Left alone and too terrified to return to the camp, she was forced to scavenge for food in the wilderness. One day she stumbled upon a clutch of deinonychus eggs; out of curiosity, she gathered one up, brought it back to her campsite and kept the egg until it hatched. Athyra cared for the carnivorous hatchling, raising it on scraps of lizard meat, and named it Jaji. Over time, the two became fast friends, and Jaji is now Athyra’s loyal pet.
Now a grown woman, Athyra stands near 6 feet tall with a perfectly muscled figure and stunning features, her dark hair woven into clumped tangles. She dresses in scraps of animal hide and carries a glaive crafted from the toothed jaw of some fearsome jungle beast.



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