General Aveshai

Cyclops General


General Aveshai is a bronzed-skin cyclops who stands almost 10 feet tall. He wears red-and-gold plate armor in an archaic style, and wields a giant greatsword.


Savith’s army assaulted Ilmurea, one of her greatest allies—a cyclops general named Aveshai—discovered a Coil of Ydersius masquerading as a human wizard among their ranks. After divining her true nature and learning she planned to betray Savith, he chased the wizard into the Hunters’ Maze. Fearing for her life, she lured the cyclops into this chamber, where they did battle. Aveshai mortally wounded her, but the Coil of Ydersius managed to trigger the temporal stasis effect generated by the hibernation chamber, trapping and preserving them both in suspended animation.

Aveshai was a great general in his time, and a veteran of countless battles against the serpentfolk.

General aveshai

General Aveshai

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