Arkady of Absalom

Female Human Cleric of Pharasma, Witch and Wizardress


Light of skin, dark hair, violet eyes, of Azlanti descent. 5’3" tall, weighing around 120 lbs.

Str 11
Dex 20
Con 15
Int 22
Wis 22
Cha 18

Saves, Fort +12, Ref +11, Will +16

AC 27
Wields a Crossbow and lots of magic. Mostly Acid Splash! Woo!


Kady is the party’s primary caster and healer. A follower of the Goddess Pharasma, as well as an arcane caster (witch and wizard), Kady has a variety of magicks at her beck and call. She is also the party Diplomat, and their Conscience as well.

Kady’s familiar is a pseduodragon named Mixlixpittle (Mix).

Arkady of Absalom

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