Ranger / Rogue Extraordinaire


Gestalt Ranger / Rogue
Out to get rich quick so that he can return home and win the heart of his dream girl Gwen. He finds red headed gals especially exciting but then he finds all gals especially exciting.


Kojak was born in the tent of a nomadic family. His parents, as well as their parents before them, had always been nomads. The family had always been poor but their survival skills were good and the family always had food and shelter. He was the youngest of four kids.

The family raised a goat type animal in the mountains just east of the village of Breast. Brother Vince stayed with mom and his two sisters at the main camp. Vince would travel the three miles to his grandparents tent to help them any way he could. Some times Greta would stay with the grandparents to cook and care for them. Luda stayed home and helped mom with the cooking and the skins. What little money the family had came from the hides and the meat of the goats.

Dad took young Kojak under his wing and tried to teach him everything he knew. Dad knew all the tricks and skills of a ranger. He was really at home in the wild. He was a master at tracking, traps, hunting and survival. Dad had even worked for the army as a scout. Dad was also a master at horsemanship. He said he had learned how to ride when he was in a cavalry unit. Soon Dad was the horse trainer for the whole unit. He said his secret was the wild empathy and handle animal skills that ran in our family. You and the horse needed to function as one. Kojak was a natural at riding a horse. Dad also taught him swordsmanship and archery.

Young Kojak learned quickly and was soon spending time alone in the mountains with the herd. Dad was spending more time at the main camp and off hunting. There was a nice cave and it overlooked a large open grazing field. Kojak could stay in the shelter of the cave and still have a great view of the herd.

The village of Breast came under attack when Kojak was 11. The barbarians burned the whole village to the ground. He could even see the smoke from the cave in the mountains. Most people fled. Then a strange thing happened. A woman came to the camp and asked to stay with the family. She turned out to be an old girlfriend of Dads. Vince said there was quite an argument between Mom, Dad and Vicky. Mom said there was no way that tramp was staying. Dad gave her some food and a horse and sent her on her way to Ilizmagorti.

Dad stayed with me in the mountains for almost two months following the episode with Vicky. One night he got drunk and he told me there was another jilted lover from Breast. It turned out he was hiding with me in the cave and Dad had told Vince to intercept any females who came to the tent and tell them that Dad had been killed by the barbarians. He said her name was Rhona Zinder.

I guess Dad had been hunting for more than food when he left me alone up in those mountains. In a foolish move, I told Mom about the possibility of a second female showing up. She got mad at me. Then she confronted Dad and there was a terrible fight. The end result was that they were both mad at me.

Two days later I was back at the mountain cave by myself. I saw a rider come into the grazing area. He fell off his horse and way just lying there. I hurried down and rolled him over. He was injured and unconscious. The wounds were not from the fall. I managed to get him up to the cave and tended to him the best I could. It took a couple months before John Smith felt good again. That wasn’t his real name but I did not learn that until later. I am not sure I know his real name now. We had a lot of time to talk. He finally admitted that he was hiding out from a mob boss. He had been caught stealing gold from the mob. It had only seemed fair since the mob’s gambling casino had cheated him. John still wondered why he had been caught. There must have been a magic spell on that safe that he had missed. As he started to feel better, he showed me how to pick locks and how to detect traps. We played a lot of cards. He even taught me how to cheat at cards and other games of chance. Dice games were his favorite. John was a real character. The adventures he had been on. He told of battles in far away places. Burning cities. Ships sinking in an endless ocean. Dungeons full of riches and dangers. I began to realize there was more to life than living in a cave watching goats. I wanted to see the world.

John said I go with him. Mom and Dad were absolutely furious. They said they would disown me and I was never to return. It broke my heart but I had to see the world with John. We made our way to the island of Mediogalti and stayed in the port city of Ilizmagorti.

We had a great time. We made some money gambling. We had a couple adventures into the ruins and found some treasure. I kept up with my training.

I did see my brother Vince again. He came to town to try to sell hides. How he found me was still a mystery. The family was not doing well and they really needed money. Someone stole the cart with all the hides while we were talking in my apartment. Vince freaked out. I tried to calm him but he was too upset. I told him I could try to track the hides. I told him to stay at my apartment. He would just be a hindrance to me. I grabbed my backpack of gear and I was off. It did not take long to find the theif. There were only a few places to sell that many hides in this city. I caught up with the punk and followed him onto a side street. He never knew what hit him. He was struggling to move the cart and I put a dagger strike in the back of the neck. The guy even had 155 gold on him. What a fool. When I got the cart back to my apartment, Vince was gone. He had stolen some valuables and gold I had in the house and had left. These are desperate times. It did not take long to track him. I knew where he was heading. He was going home. I started yelling to him that I had the hides. He broke down and cried. Vince begged for forgiveness. We returned to the city and I took him to a place where he got top dollar for the hides. I gave him the 155 gold that I got off the punk too. Vince swore a blood oath to me. He would be in my debt forever. Vince would even give his life to save mine. I got to see him whenever the family had hides to sell. We became very close. We were much closer than we ever were as kids.

One day John and I were drinking in the Blue Dinosaur pub. The barmaid was this striking red head. We got to talking and I found out she had lived in Breast before the city was destroyed. She said her name was Rhona Zinder. What a small world. She was one of Dad’s jilted lovers. I could see why Dad was attracted to her. We talked about people we knew in Breast and old times. She asked me to come to dinner at her house. I figured she wanted to hear about Dad.

Two days later I was at dinner at Rhona’s home. I could not believe my eyes. Rhona had a daughter. Gwen was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I was in love. She had red hair like her mom and piercing green eyes. He skin was smooth and soft. She was tall and shapely. She already had a boyfriend. Tinst Snog was his name. The bastard had money too. Gwen was dating both of us. I was spending all the money I had saved on her. I had to out do him. I had to have her. I needed more money. John thought I could make more money in Eleder. There were ruins of old cities and even some dungeons. He said he was getting to old to go to on a wild adventure with me. John said I was ready to do it on my own.

I checked the docks and found there was a ship leaving tomorrow for Eleder. Calistria be praised. I would leave tomorrow seek my fortune and win the hand of Gwen. The good ship Jenivere awaited me at the docks.

Bonus from rolled background:
+5 to Survival
+4 to ride
1 hand weapon – free
1 ranged weapon – free
Free exotic weapon or weapon focus feat
Improved unarmed strike for free
+3 gambling


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