Litheria Blossom

Large pink flower

Litheria Blossom

Aura Moderate Necromancy; CL 7th
Slot None; Price 1,400gp; Weight -


The litheria blossom is a rare but natrually occurring flower with large, pink petals. The pollen of the litheria blossom bridges the gap between life and death, functioning like an elixer, though inhaled rather than imbibed. A creature inhaling the pollen gains the benefit of the Death Ward and Deathwatch spells. Both effects last for 10 minutes. If plucked, the flower remains vibrant and alive until the pollen within the flower is inhaled, at which point the flower wilts and dies. The pollen remains potent only so long as it is held within the flower or immediately thereafter. If removed from the flower for longer than 1 round, both the pollen and the flower become nonmagical.


Requirements Craft Wonderous Item, death ward, deathwatch;
Cost 700gp


Litheria Blossom

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