Racing to Ruin


Having escaped Smuggler’s Shiv, the PCs arrive in Eleder,where word of their discovery on the island quickly leaks out. Many rival factions seek to find Saventh-Yhi, and the PCs must choose one to ally with to organize their expedition. Before they can set out on their journey, however, they must deal with an armed rebellion in Eleder, and secure the aid of a strange cleric of Gozreh as a guide.
Once on their way, the PCs race across Sargava, dealing with native hazards and ravenous beasts, and contending with rival factions. Now inhabited by a renegade tribe of charau-ka cultists dedicated to the serpent-god Ydersius, the ruins of Tazion also hold an ancient Azlanti device that can reveal the location of Saventh-Yhi.

The Factions
Aspis Consortium

The Aspis Consortium wants to find Saventh-Yhi for the same reason behind all of their business ventures: profit. The vast wealth believed to be hidden within the lost city would be a welcome addition to the trade syndicate’s coffers, and would doubtless be a source of the exotic artifacts that are the Consortium’s stock-in-trade.

Free Captains of the Shackles

As a group, the pirate lords of the Shackles have no interest in Saventh-Yhi—but one Free Captain in particular is eager to find the lost city. She seeks the legendary wealth of Saventh-Yhi to increase her own standing among the Pirate Lords of the Shackles.

Pathfinder Society

The Pathfinder Society seeks Saventh-Yhi for the same reason they explore any other ancient ruin—for the lost knowledge it contains, not to mention the historical artifacts and rumored wealth that can be recovered from the fabled city. In addition, with the recent loss of their lodge in the city of Kalabuto, the Decemvirate is eager to expand their influence in the region, and Saventh-Yhi might just make a good site for a new Pathfinder Lodge.

Red Mantis

The Red Mantis are not necessarily interested in the city of Saventh-Yhi itself, but what is rumored to lie inside it. Ancient texts hint at the existence of a temple to Achaekek the Mantis God within the legendary city, and the Red Mantis are eager to find this location, which is sacred to their cult. Within the lost temple, they hope to find powerful relics of the Mantis God unseen on Golarion since the days of Azlant.

Sargavan Government

The Sargavan government wants to stake a claim on Saventh-Yhi for two reasons. First, if they can establish an outpost there, it increases their presence and influence in the region, while at the same time denying the same benefits to rivals. Second, the city’s legendary wealth and the opportunity to open new trade routes would go a long way toward refilling Sargava’s depleted treasury, perhaps granting the former colony a greater independence from (or at least less reliance on) the Free Captains of the Shackles.


LN Small city
Corruption +1, Crime +0, Economy +3, Law +3, Lore +2, Society +1
Qualities Insular, Prosperous, Racially Intolerant (Mwangi), Strategic Location
Danger +5


Government Autocracy
Population 8,900 (8,000 Humans [3,000 colonials, 5,000 Mwangi], 500 Halflings, 200 Dwarves, 100 Elves, 100 others)

Notable NPCs

Baron Utilinus, Grand Custodian of Sargava (LN male human cleric of Iomedae 10)
General Septimia Arodatus, Grand Praetor of Sargava, commander of Sargavan Guard (N female half-elf fighter 11)
Commander Ezio Egorius, Praetor of Eledar (LG male human paladin of Iomedae 8)
Lady Madrona Daugustana, Matriarch of Eleder (LE female human aristocrat 12)
Briga, Owner of the Sargavan Club (CG female half-orc barbarian 6)

City Geography

Eleder is visibly divided, a direct ref lection of its varied populace. Architecture and landforms clearly indicate when structures were built and who owns them. The city is comprised of essentially five distinct districts: Northcoast, Portside, New Haliad, Lower Harbor, and Outerwall, also known as the Zenj Slums. Northcoast, Portside, and New Haliad surround the harbor and are principally settled by colonials of Chelish descent. The Diomar Wall divides these wards from the other two. Lower Harbor rests along the coast just south of the main harbor, naturally separated by the cliff face. It is chief ly populated by working-class fishermen, both colonials and Mwangi. The remaining two-thirds of Eleder’s population live in Outerwall, a sprawling slum outlining the central harbor.

Government and Polotics

Eleder suffers from extreme racial and class division, with colonials dominating the far larger Zenj population. The Zenj supply the bulk of the port’s menial labor for paltry weekly wages. Colonial law provides them few if any rights, and is geared toward trade, goods, properties, and the taxation thereof, as based on the charters of Eleder’s founding trading companies. Civil law falls to the responsibility of the Sargavan government. Sargavan law is overly complex, severe, and distinctly Chelish. It is designed with hundreds of loopholes that favor the upper class, and a good barrister can reduce almost any crime’s punishment to a simple fine.
Despite the colony’s 500 years of existence, at heart, most colonials still consider themselves Chelaxians. They believe themselves to be superior in stock and culture to the “ignorant savages” their ancestors encountered upon their arrival. Their prejudice almost exclusively targets the Zenj tribes, which provide the majority of Eleder’s menial labor and tend to be more passive than the Bekyar or Bonuwat. While recent Sargavan law has changed, granting full rights to all citizens, sadly the stranglehold of Eleder’s aristocracy has buried the implementation of this change, rendering Zenj civil rights an easily bypassed formality of state. As a result, life in the hundreds of mud-daub huts beyond the Wall remains one of abject poverty.

Racing to Ruin

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