Vaults of Madness


The vaults are ancient structures created for various purposes during the heyday of Saventh-Yhi before Urschlar’s rise to power, but they were commandeered as part of his master plan to “save” the city from its prophesied destruction. As such, they have all been in existence for at least 10,000 years and have survived the greatest physical calamity in Golarion’s history—Earthfall. As a result, the vaults are in less-than-pristine condition. Many sections have collapsed or shifted, and many have little resemblance to their original configurations. In addition, most of their original contents have long since been lost to 10 millennia of jungle scavengers and simple deterioration.

The vaults contain a combination of masonry and hewn stone walls, though collapses have reshaped them and created walls of compressed rubble in many places, and most floors have a layer of soil built up over untold centuries of erosion. In general, a DC 15 Climb check is sufficient to scale these rough, craggy surfaces. Ceilings have collapsed in several places, leaving rooms open to the sky or at the bottom of sinkholes. These are described individually in the vault descriptions. Ceiling heights of passages average between 15 and 20 feet and are typically composed of corbeled arches. Rooms have the same general design but range from 20 to 30 feet in height. Any doors that still exist are of stone and are 4–6 inches thick with nested hinges and no locking devices.

Plant life and vermin are rife throughout the ancient chambers—most halls are overgrown with pale jungle creepers growing through the cracks and seams in the walls, and a multitude of small beetles, ants, spiders, and centipedes scuttle among the floor debris. There are no light sources unless otherwise indicated.

Vaults of Madness

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