Serpent's Skull

Assault on Illmurea

Day 37-44 of expedition and 8th-15th day into the Darklands city of Ilmurea.

The party returns to Saventh-Yhi to plan the assault on Illmurea and begins the Assault.


The party returns to Saventh-Yhi to show General Aveshai the city and to figure out if the Spears in the city are what was planned for it, which they do turn out to be. General Aveshai shows them what needs to be done to activate them into the weapons that will lead the army into Illmurea. Now the party needs to gather an army.

With Dar leading the group they visit each of the conquered districts in Saventh-Yhi to gather support for the army. With the added assistance of the rest of the group they are able to convince all the other districts to join in the assault on Illmurea as well as the Sargavan Government and the Free Captains factions. The let the Morlocks know what is coming and get them ready for the assault as well. The Urdefhan leader, Izon, wants slaves to ‘stock his larder’ with, but the party refused to give them people for this. Izon tells them he will sit out their ‘little war’ and the party leaves.

With a good army now gathering, the party does some last minute equipping and crafting of magic items to get ready for the assault. They take 8 days to get the army gathered and to get their magic stuff created. During this time, the Coils of Ydersius strike. One distracts Kojak by pretending to be Sasha and wanting to ‘get together’ one last time before the assault which Kojak agrees to. One uses Kady’s father to get close, pretending to want to convert to the worship of Pharasma. The other two get Dar and Grom to participate in sparring matches and after they are tired from the sparring bring them something to drink before striking. Kady is suspicious of the ‘convert’ and uses a Commune spell to find out that it is really one of the Coils.

The battle with the Coils is fairly quick and the Coils fail miserably in their attempt to take out a member of the party. Kady uses Blindness/Deafness to make the Coil blind, who quickly Teleports away. Kojak and Grom are not caught Flat-Footed and the Sneak attack/Death Attack fails. Kojak retrieves his weapons from the ground and after saving against a Disintegrate, quickly dispatches the Coil with him. Grom quickly dispatches his Coil and goes to assist Dar. Dar saves against the Death Attack and start hacking into her Coil but the Coil is able to Teleport away before she can finish him.

Even though the assassinations failed the camp is left on high alert as two of the Coils got away and there is no idea how many of them there are. The rest of the time before the assault goes by fairly quickly, with no sign of the Coils.

The General shows Kady how to ‘lock’ the Spears in an active state and her Azlanti blood is recognized by the Spears. They run around the city activating all the Spears and as the last is activated, they all glow and start turning. They quickly drill into the earth creating a hole in the ground with walkways in the side for the army to march down. While the Spears drill down the party, with General Aveshai, use the portal to go back to Illmurea. The Spears take 30 minutes to complete the 2000ft decent to Illmurea and while the party looks on, the Spears fall out of the ceiling of the cavern and land in the 6 Serpent Gates and the Fortress of a Thousand Fangs. Doing significant damage to all of the structures and running the Urdefhans from their stronghold.

The party Wind Walks over the city, seeing the various battles going on throughout the city and approach the Sanctum of Ydersius. They enter it and find a warren of passages that lead to a large cavern with huge Serpent headed statues and a Thessalhydra. They quickly dispatch the Thessalhydra but then they figure out the that status are guard posts manned by Serpentfolk. A quick fight ensues that leaves the Serpentfolk guards dead and they head into the Sanctum. Inside the Sanctum, they find a barracks that has a few more Serpentfolk Temple Guards in it and during the fight with them a few more show up. All of the guards are quickly dispatched.

The party now gets ready for the final push to reach Vyr-Azul and stop him from bringing Ydersius back to life.

Assault on Illmurea

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