Serpent's Skull

Ilmurea, Day 30

Day 30 of expedition and 1st day into the Darklands city of Ilmurea.

The party finds the city of Ilmurea and the Morlocks that are all that is left of the Azlanti forces that were here.


The party uses the portal in the first vault to get to the city of Ilmurea. They discover the other end of the portal is in a cave in the darklands with a tunnel leading out of it. After following the tunnel for around 6000 ft, it opens up into a large cavern that they find is home to a group of colossal Vagabond Spiders.

The party quickly dispatches the spiders and discovers a morlock unconscious in the webbing. They revive the morlock and find that it is part of a tribe that are friends with Eando Kline. The morlock, Thekola, offers to lead them back to his tribe so they can help his High Priest against rogue morlocks that are trying to kill her.

On the way to the morlocks camp, the party attempts to pass thru a walled in section of the city that has 2 Azlanti statues flanking the entrance. The statues animate as Dar and Grom go to pass thru the opening. The party backs off as they realize something is triggering the Stone Golems to attack. They figure out that the statues apparently are set to attack anyone passing thru the gate that isn’t of Azlanti decent. They decide to bypass the entrance so as not to destroy the Stone Golems.

They arrive at the manor where Thekola says the high priest is staying to find it under assault by the rogue morlocks. Three morlocks are outside the manor hitting each other in some bizarre game or something. When the party starts up the stairs the morlocks hear them and attack. After a brief struggle, the party finds out that these morlocks have been taken over by Intellect Devourers. Apparently, when the morlocks were hitting each other it was because the Intellect Devourers wanted to experience pain and were testing out the new bodies they were in.

The party opens the doors to the manor to find more Intellect Devourer controlled morlocks in the manor using 2 Alchemical Golems to beat down a door. The leader of the Intellect Devourer controlled morlocks (Ixolan) is here, instructing the Alchemical Golems to destroy the door in the back of the room. Ixolan instructs the golems to attack the party.

The party starts concentrating on trying to take out the morlocks in the room first and the Alchemical Golems start throwing their bombs at the party. During the fight, Kady decides to try out a spell that she hasn’t used before to great effect. Kady cast Prismatic Spray into the fight, hitting the morlocks. Two of the morlocks get hit with the poison effect but are immune to poison. Another saves against getting turned to stone. One of the other morlock warriors fails his save and is sent to the plane of Hell. Ixolan also fails his save and ends up being sent to the plane of Heaven. The rest of the fight goes fairly well and the room is soon cleared of all enemies.

The party uses Stone Shape to open the door in the back of the room to find a decent size group of morlocks and Udarra, the High Priest of the morlocks. They talk with Udarra and learn that all the morlocks here are what is left of the Azlanti forces that were stationed in the city of Ilmurea prior to Earthfall. Eando Kline went thru here after arriving in Ilmurea and got the Morlocks to side with him. He left the morlocks to try to recruit a group of “vampires” that live nearby into helping fight the serpentfolk that are in Ilmurea. After talking to the morlocks about these “vampires”, the party figures out from the descriptions that they are Urdefhans. Apparently, Eando went to the Devil leader of the Urdefhans and hasn’t come back. Juliver went with Eando but barely remembers the encounter with the Urdefhans but does remember encountering the Urdefhans before. She doesn’t remember what happened during that meeting.

Ilmurea, Day 30

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