Serpent's Skull

Ilmurea, Day 31

Day 31 of expedition and 2nd day into the Darklands city of Ilmurea.

The party meets Izon, the leader of the Urdefhans (vampires) and speaks to Eando Kline.


After speaking with Udarra, the party decides to head into the area controlled by the Urdefhans and see if they can figure out what happened to Eando Kline. Once they were out of Udarra’a manor they decide to explore the area controlled by the Morlocks before finding the Urdefhans.

They head over to explore the domed structure near Udarra’s manor. Inside they are attacked by cloakers that appear to have come up thru the tunnel leading lower into the Dark Lands. It appears that the domed structure is an entrance to the Dark Lands. There are six of these domed structures around the city. These “Serpent Gates” appear to be the only entrances to Ilmurea with the exception of the portal to Saventh-Yhi.

From here, the party heads over to the ruined structure that sits inside the fungus field in the Morlock territory. They were told about elementals that rise up anytime anyone gets near the ruins. They find that there are 2 Elder Earth Elementals guarding what seems to be ruins of an old temple to Ydersius that has been re-purposed into a shrine to one of the Deep Gods of the Svirfneblin. After a brief encounter with the Elementals, the party decides to leave the Elementals alone for now.

While finishing off the exploration of the Morlock territory, the party sees a group of the Large Bats (Skavelings) heading in their direction. They decide to stand and wait for the Bats to get close as they know they are usually ridden by the Urdefhans. One of the Bats lands near by and the Urdefhan riding it dismounts to speak with the party, while the other bats circle overhead.

The Urdefhan asks where the party came from and how they got to Ilmurea. The party asks to be taken to the Urdefhan leader, Izon and the Urdefhan starts leading them to Izon. The party is taken thru Urdefhan territory and passed onto another group of Urdefhan guards before finally arriving at another of the Serpent Gates that the Urdefhan are apparently using as there headquarters. They are taken thru the dome and see more Urdefhan as well as Giant Morlock inside the outer dome. Once inside the Inner dome of the Serpent Gate they find Piscodaemons and more Urdefhans.

They are taken before the half-fiend Izon and after talking with him for a bit they learn that Eando Kline went to the Serpentfolk fortress to kill Belkor, an Urdefhan General that betrayed Izon. Eando was talking with the Urdefhans about forming an army to fight the Serpentfolk. Izon promised Eando that if he killed Belkor then he would join Eando’s alliance. Izon makes the same promise to the party if they are able to succeed where Eando apparently failed.

They leave Izon’s palace and start looking around the Urdefhan controlled territory when they realize that they are being followed. The person following them steps out as soon as she realizes that she was spotted. They see a female drow step out in front of them and tell them that she isn’t there enemy. She introduces herself as Vedavrex Misraria and she tells the group that her kinsfolk is being held captive in Izon’s palace and she wants to see if they would be willing to help her free her kinsfolk. They party is leery about dealing with a Drow and agrees to talk with her later.

They leave her and continue exploring the Urdefhan territory. They use Wind Walk to quickly run around thru the territory and find where the Aerie for the Scavelings is. They also find an old Azlanti cemetery which Kady wants to check out. From flying around they notice that the cemetery has mummies hiding in it. They try to speak with the mummies but quickly discover that they are Azlanti warriors that give a challenge to the party expecting a counter challenge which the party has no way of knowing. A quick battle later the mummies are put to rest back in their graves.

The party finishes off exploring the Urdefhan territory and are attracted to lights coming from a manor on the shoreline of the lake. They move into the manor to find 4 Driders occupying the place that start attacking them. After a brief struggle the last of the Driders is put down. They search the manor with the thought that Vedavrex might be associated with the Driders but find no sign that she was there. They then head back to Udarra’s manor to rest up and plan their assault on the Serpentfolk fortress.

They talk with Udarra and she offers to cast Vision for them if they need it. Kady was planning on casting scry to locate the other Drow, Deloral but figures it would be better to start with the Vision spell first. With a little help from Dar and Kady using their divine powers to assist Udarra with the Vision spell, they are able to find info about Deloral. Apparently he escaped his house in the drow city of Telderist after stealing the secrets of Fleshwarping Dwarves. They next use the Vision spell to find out info about Vedavrex. They discover that she is a high ranking assassin from the city of Telderist. They also use Vision to find out about Belkor but don’t really find out much more then they already knew about him.

They then decide to try to Scry on Eando Kline. They have Juliver give a good description of Eando using her Perform (Oratory) skill and Kady uses her Perform (Drawing) to make a sketch to use for the Scrying spell. The Scry spell works and they find Eando Kline locked up in an Adamantine cage. They see a Serpentfolk come over to the cell and start hitting Eando with a red hot poker. Kady uses the Scry spell and casts Message thru it to communicate with Eando to let them know they are in the city and are going to be coming for him.

Having had an interesting and fruitful day of investigating Ilmurea they party rests in Udarra’s Manor for the night.

Ilmurea, Day 31

He may have been captured and got his party killed, but this Eando Pathfinder is tough. He’s worth rescuing.

Ilmurea, Day 31

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