Serpent's Skull

Ilmurea, Day 32

Day 32 of expedition and 3rd day into the Darklands city of Ilmurea.

The party begins their assault of the Fortress of Thousand Fangs


The party decides to tell Izon about Vedavrex and let him know that she will probably be trying to ‘free’ the drow he has captured. They then cast Wind Walk to check out the Serpent Fortress.

They see 4 entrances to the fortress. A front tunnel entrance, the mouth of the snake at the top, a hole in the side of the fortress on the back side, and an tunnel entrance that is the tail of the snake at water level. After doing a quick reconnoiter of the fortress they decide to enter the fortress via the tail entrance.

Since the party is in mist form via the Wind Walk spell, the portcullis offers them no challenge. They enter the passage and send Kojak out invisible (via his ring) to explore the passage and try to find an entrance to the place where Eando is being held. While Kojak is exploring he finds two guard posts with serpentfolk and is able to avoid them. He comes back to the group and they decide to try to have Kojak sneak past the closest guard post to see if the dungeon entrance is after their room. While sneaking past he stumbles on a lost stone (rolled a 1) and one of the guards hears him. The guard starts walking over to investigate the noise and comes within 30’ of Kojak and picks up his scent.

Kojak notices that the guard seems to be sniffing to locate him and backs away. The rest of the party charges in and a battle commences. The serpentfolk guards alert others via their telepathy and more start arriving shortly. During the battle, Grom is dropped (Hero points used) and Kojak is knocked unconscious. The party notices some of the reinforcements and Kady casts a Blade Barrier to try to stop them from joining the fight. The party is able to eliminate the first group of guards and the small group of officers that join the fight from a close room.

They notice more guards coming and a creature that appears to be Belkor coming to the fight. These new creatures are behind the wall and they do seem to be holding them from coming and joining the fight.

(The session ran out of time at this point, so another session will continue this battle)

Ilmurea, Day 32

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