Serpent's Skull

Ilmurea, Day 32-33

Day 32 and 33 of expedition and 3rd and 4th day into the Darklands city of Ilmurea.

The party continues their assault of the Fortress of Thousand Fangs and the rescue of Eando Kline.


After careful planning, the party walks into the the room that Eando is being held in. Asaam quickly tells the party (disguised as Serpentfolk) to leave the room. Instead of listening to him, the Barbarians rush him while Kojak and Sasha flank the doorway to catch any of the guards coming to help Asaam. A quick fight later, Asaam falls and a few of the guards trying to come to help are cut down by the flanking rogues. The rest of the guards decide to hold outside of the room since Asaam is already dead and their comrades are being cut down before they can get into the room. While the guards hold outside of the room and shoot arrows at anyone that shows themselves, Dar decides to buff up by eating Asaam’s heart and gaining a lot of good buffs.

The guards form up outside of the room but one of them runs off to warn the commander that a group is freeing the prisoner. Another guard goes and gets the Spirit Nagas to assist them with the party. With the party buffed up and ready to take on the guards, the following battle proves to be fairly easy for them to deal with.

With the guards in the dungeon taken care of, the party frees Eando and the Morlock captives and equips them with gear them have found along the way and from the armory located in the dungeon. The group wants to get all the Morlocks out of the fortress so they decide to rest up and then try to fight their way to the opening in the wall of the fortress.

After a brief skirmish with a small group of guards while they are resting, they prep and head up the stairs back up into the main part of the fortress. They find that the fortress commander, Sskhavo, is waiting for them just outside of the stairwell. With him is a large squad of guards and officers and the wizard Khavith. The party rushes out of the stairwell and starts fighting the guards. Sskhavo and Khavith both go invisible but the party prepped and had True Seeing going on around half the party. Kady throws her new favorite spell, Prismatic Spray, into around half the Serpentfolk. After a lot of different saving throws, a bunch of the guards and officers end up taking damage, one of the guards ends up becoming a statue, and 2 guards and Sskhavo end up being sent to another plane.

With the commander removed from the action, the guards and officers are left a bit confused. Khavith tries to get them organized but the party is cutting thru them to quickly and bringing the fight to Khavith. Khavith traps Dar in a Force Cage but Kady quickly throws a Disintegrate on it to free her. Khavith tries a few more good spells but Kady starts countering them and with having Mind Blank going, Khavith can’t find her to remove the caster threat. Khavith tries to escape by using a Dimension Door but Kady counters that as well. Khavith gets taken down to 25% of her health and her backup spells kick in. Her Resurgent Transformation activates and after gaining the HP’s from the spell, which is a good thing since she got hit with a critical hit that gave her bleed damage equal to the damage Dar normally does, so around 70 points, her Contingency spell activates and Dimension Doors her to another location.

With nobody giving them instructions, the guards and officers quickly fall to the party and they lead the Morlocks out of the fortress with very little resistance. Grom summons some aquatic dinosaurs and then transforms himself into another one to help scare off the other aquatic predators from the mass of Morlocks swimming across the lake. The party leads the Molocks back toward the Morlocks area of the city. They stop off to talk to Izon and prove that they removed Belkor by dropping his body off in the room with all his gear. They get Izon’s permission to escort the Morlocks thru his territory and not attack the Morlocks, Izon agrees but grudgingly.

They get the Morlocks back to the area the Morlocks control with no other difficulties and reunite them with Udarra. Udarra is very grateful to them and they have a celebration for the return of so many of the Morlocks and Eando. Now the party has to decide what to do from here.

Ilmurea, Day 32-33

At this point, do we want to consider going back to the Fortress of A Thousand Fangs and cleaning the place out? Can we see any strategic advantage to doing so? Or are we better of going over to the last unexplored area of the city, looking for possibly allies?

Ilmurea, Day 32-33

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