Serpent's Skull

Ilmurea, Day 32. Part 2

Day 32 of expedition and 3rd day into the Darklands city of Ilmurea.

The party continues their assault of the Fortress of Thousand Fangs


The party continues the fight with the serpentfolk guards and Belkor. They decide to buff up a bit more and the guards appear a resistant to trying to push thru the Blade Barrier that Kady cast to block the hallway. Kady casts Prismatic Spray thru the Blade Barrier and sends one guard to another plane and turns 2 of the to stone. The others take various damage. Grom casts Tar Pit around where the Serpentfolk are standing and entangles most of them in place. Belkor convinces the guards to push thru the Blade Barrier or the party will just kill them with spells.

With the Serpentfolk softened up with spells, they prove no challenge to the group at this point and Belkor and the guards quickly fall. They start walking around the fortress to see if they can find an entrance to the dungeon.

Kady gets tired of opening random doors and decides to cast Find the Path to locate the quickest way to the dungeon. Kady casts Seeming on the group to make the group seem like serpentfolk and Major Image to make them smell like serpentfolk. They hide the pets thru use of invisibility and the Wind Walk effect they are still under and are able to pass two guard posts without incident and locate the hidden entrance to the dungeons.

They head down the hidden stairwell and find the dungeon. They locate where Eando Kline is being held and decide to look around a bit first before they start trouble. They find another guard post and are told where Asaam the torturer is thru Kojak’s bluff skill. They also find a room filled with cages filled with Morlocks. There are close to a hundred Morlocks crammed into the cages around the room. They party heads back out and find the armory for the dungeon area and find a suit of Serpentscale armor hidden in the back of the room. They decide to plan the attack on the dungeon at this point.

Ilmurea, Day 32. Part 2

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