Serpent's Skull

Ilmurea, Day 5

Day 34 of expedition and 5th day into the Darklands city of Ilmurea.

the party get word from the surface that they have a ‘development’.


Kady wakes up from the party Udarra and the Morlocks thru for them to a “Sending” from the pathfinders on the surface. The Sending was very cryptic. They were told that they were needed on the surface as their was a ‘development’ that required their attention. The group decide to head back up right away and head for the portal that will take them back to the surface.

After reaching Saventh-Yhi they head directly for where the Pathfinder camp is at. As they get close to the camp, they start hearing what sounds like war drums. They arrive at camp to find that a small army has taken up residence at the old Aspis Consortium camp and that the army is composed of orcs and half-orcs. Clan Skullcrusher had arrived.

The head of the Pathfinder expedition comes out to meet the party and tells them that the army had arrived recently and they were requesting Dar’s presence as soon as possible. Not knowing who these orcs were, the Pathfinders counldn’t tell them where the party was at so the request for them to come back up was sent to avoid bloodshed.

The party was taken over to the head of the orcs. The Warlord of clan Skullcrusher, quickly informed Dar that Clan Skullcrusher was here at the request of the ancestors. After a trial, to determine if Dar was really who they believed her to be, Dar would be made chief of the Clan. The ancestors have decreed that Dar is to take the Clan to new heights and bring untold glory to the name Skullcrusher.

While Dar is relishing her fate. Kady and Kojak get visitors from their pasts. Kady’s step-father, shows up to offer up any assistance that he can and Kojak’s old mentor “John” shows up to see how the protege is making out. Kojak, being wiser then he was when he first started adventuring, asks Kady to see if she can help figure out why John has showed up now. After a quick Vision spell, Kady learns that “John” is a professional con-artist and is more then likely here to grab up as much loot as he can. John, also brought some bad news for Kojak. Kojak’s girlfriend back home, Gwen, has gotten married. While this news is bad for Kojak, it is also probably a good thing as during Kady’s Commune spell, they learn that Gwen is Kojak’s half-sister. The problem is her new husband isn’t treating Gwen right and Gwen isn’t happy with her new life.

Eando Kline brings the party together to discuss some other things that he had learned before being captured by the serpentfolk. The main piece of info that the party learns that they didn’t already know is that there might be a ‘weapon’ hidden in a location called “The Hunter’s Maze”. What form this ‘weapon’ is to take is unknown, just that it was used during Savith’s original assault on Ilmurea.

That party decides to head back to Ilmurea to find this ‘weapon’ and to see if they can’t find any other allies against the Serpentfolk. They use Wind Walk to quickly travel around Ilmurea and get over to the northwest part of the city where, according to the Morlocks, the “Hunter’s Maze” is supposed to be located. They head over to that part of the city with the Warlord of Clan Skullcrusher giving them added assistance.

After finding a few archeological discoveries, The Great Eye and the Honored Academy of Fang and Blade, the party finally locates the Hunter’s Maze. They find that the place isn’t unoccupied. A group of Urdhefhan have taken up resisdence in this portion of the city and they aren’t responding to Izon’s seal, given to Dar upon proof of Belkor’s defeat. After a quick battle, the party prepares to enter the Hunter’s Maze.

Ilmurea, Day 5

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